1. How to open files uploaded using a File field, in a new window (target=’_blank’) in Drupal 7

    Since this is one those kinds of enquiries that pop up quite often in our Support channels, we decided to create a small tutorial about it and make it available via our Support Center

    The following function will enable for you the option to open files in a new window based on the MIME type. Please paste the following code to your template.php file into your theme folder (sites/all/themes/THEMENAME/template.php) by replacing the THEMENAME to your theme name in the function title.

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  2. Tutorial: How to add CAPTCHA to your Drupal forms

    There’s no doubt SPAM is always a pain. While a couple of different solutions are being researched, CAPTCHA is up to this point the sort of industry standard. It becomes of some importance then figuring out how you can add CAPTCHA to your Drupal forms. We’re getting this kind of questions quite often, which is how we decided to create a step-by-step tutorial and make it available via our Support Center


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  3. Tutorial: How to create a Related Nodes block based on taxonomy terms with Views in Drupal

    Here are the necessary instructions for creating a block for Related Nodes with Views in Drupal.

    All screens come from our Premium Responsive Drupal theme Best BrandBest Brand is a complete Drupal distribution including several modules, content types, view pages, view blocks, pre-configured image styles as well as a premium theme tailored together to achieve its functionality. It comes with an installation profile that allows you to have a fully-functional site up and running in few minutes.

    Best Brand comes with the build in Product content type. Product content type comes with several fields - one of them is the Product Categories field (field_product_category). 

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  4. Drupal Commerce Tutorial: How to send notification of an order via email to site admin

    Drupal Commerce does not send an order notification email to site admin (site email) out of the box. However, there is already a rule set up to send the order notification to the user. It’s called “Send an order notification e-mail”. You have always the option to clone this rule, but instead of sending the email to the owner of the order, just send it to the admin’s email address.

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  5. How to add Quick Tabs with multiple View blocks inside a specific Drupal page

    The Quick Tabs module - http://drupal.org/project/quicktabs allows you to create blocks of tabbed content, specifically views, blocks, nodes and other quicktabs. Here is a step-by-step tutorial with all the necessary steps to create a block of tabbed View blocks and how to place this block inside a specific page.

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  6. Playing with the number of columns on your Drupal theme: one-fifth, two-fifths, three-fifths & four-fifths in TopHit

    Quite often you’ll get a shiny new Drupal theme that looks awesome and functions nicely. Until you come up with the need to change the column layout. Things aren’t that tough if you know where to look for. 

    As always, we’re here to help, so here’s a great step-by-step guide on how to support one-fifth, two-fifths, three-fifths and four-fifths columns in our Top Hit, responsive theme.

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  7. How to install the CKEditor on your Drupal 7 website

    It’s been one of the most common questions, so here we go: a step by step guide on How to install the CKEditor on Drupal 7.

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    How to install the TinyMCE editor on Drupal 7 http://mtt.desk.com/customer/portal/articles/913499-how-to-install-the-tinymce-editor-on-drupal-7

  8. Tutorial: how to translate Drupal in your language

    If you are not a native english speaker or you are building a website for someone who’s not, there always come these  times when you will need to have the interface of your Drupal website translated in your own language. It’s not hard nor does it take long. Which is why we have created a quick step-by-step tutorial on how to do it.

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  9. How to install the TinyMCE editor on Drupal 7 →

    Following several questions from our users we embarked on preparing a step by step guide with the necessary instructions on how to install the TinyMCE Javascript WYSIWYG text editor.

  10. Mastering CSS3 Text Shadows →

    "Today we are going to focus on the text-shadow. Just to remind you: both properties, while defined in different modules, actually work in a similar way. So if you are already familiar with the box-shadow you will easily understand the basics of the text-shadow’s art. Before we jump into the practice, let’s delve a little bit into the theory to find out what the difference is between them.”

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