1. A great year is ending, a big offer is starting.


    What started from scratch less than four years ago and with just one freebie, has now turned into a quickly and healthily growing full-time business, and this has been an incredible year for More than Themes.

    In 2013, we released a number of new responsive free Drupal themes, starting with Corked Screwer, then SimpleCorp, and then Bootstrap Business. We also released a much requested responsive version of BlueMasters.

    This year we also released several new, responsive premium Drupal themes. It all started with the extremely flexible Social Style, and then we released an update to Top Hit that came bundled with Drupal Commerce and, in typical MtT fashion, was free for all existing users. The reception of this was so warm that we then went on with three more new, premium themes, all of which came bundled with Drupal Commerce as well: Best Brand, MarketSquare and Genteel.

    Our themes now power more than 65,000 Drupal websites. This is an astonishing number.

    Nevertheless, 2013 was not just about new theme releases. During the year, we undertook several new custom projects for a variety of clients from around the world. Furthermore, slowly but steadily, we started rolling out a series of new services custom tailored to Drupal site owners and users: our Drupal Security (initially named Managed Drupal Updates or MDU), our PSD-to-Drupal Conversion, and we also laid the ground for our Cloud Dedicated Hosting for Drupal, which is in private beta and coming shortly.

    Success, acceptance and financial goals aside, what’s most important, at least from a  human standpoint, is that during 2013 and over the last couple of years in general, we got to know and interact with some amazing people out there. It’s people that use our themes, provide feedback, identify and report bugs, spread the word via Twitter or Facebook, shoot ideas and overall help us become even better.

    These people are you – our users and customers.  

    We have an incredible relationship with our users and customers. We’ve got customers that have sent us bottles of wines(!) in the office (really – when we opened those bottles we captured videos and emailed those videos back in gratitude). We’ve got (overseas) clients that have invited us to dinners out. We’ve even got clients that suggested they’d love to be able to… attach a chocolate or a few beers(!) in an email to us, along with gratitude (with the Internet of things coming, who knows whether – in some unexpected way – it might soon be possible to do so).

    So, like we did the previous years, we have decided to celebrate the end of a great year, and the anticipation of an even better one, with one great offer. From today until Jan 2nd, 2014, get any of our themes or packs or services, with a 20% discount by using the following coupon:


    A big Thank you from More than Themes to all these people, our users and customers – YOU. Everybody have a great holiday.

    George, Stavros and Evan
    Cofounders at More than Themes

  2. Thoughts on our free Drupal themes and supporting the community

    From the very first time, here at More than Themes we have ported, maintain and support several free Drupal themes. A few of these themes are among the most widely used across the Drupal community, like BlueMasters and Corporate Clean. Reasonably, all this requires time, effort and inevitably costs, yet we are very committed to not just keep doing it, but do it to an even greater extent with more free Drupal themes coming. So, why do we do it? Because we love Drupal.

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