1. 30 jQuery Image Slider Plugins and Tutorials →

    jQuery image slider plugins are very popular these days and found on many many websites. There are several interesting use cases for image sliders, however I think it is most common to use them on the front page to showcase featured articles or products. I’m a great fan of jQuery because it is easy to use, proven and then there are literally hundreds if not thousands of free plugins available. There is also a good selection of Image slider plugins available and I believe they improve all the time. In particular worth mentioning is that they are typically lightweight (fast download), feature rich and look professional. Lately some of the jQuery image sliders have got some really cool transition effects as well. In this article you will find both jquery image sliders plugins and tutorials showing you how image sliders can be created from ground up. This post has just been updated with new sliders. (to the original post)

  2. DesignModo20+ Useful jQuery Google Maps Tutorials and Plugins →

    jQuery Google maps has become extremely popular among the internet users primarily for its easy-to-use techniques those are needed to locate a particular position on the world map. Let us discuss some of the tutorials, resources as well as plugins of jQuery Google maps. There are plugins available which are used to include the longitude, latitude as well as text (for the name of a particular place) on the Google maps. In order to do that the user needs to reserve or book an API key available online. (more)

  3. 25 jQuery Plugins to help with Responsive Layouts →

    The most popular topic of discussion at the moment is undoubtedly responsive layouts in web design. Without going discussing too much what you will already know, a responsive layout allows you to offer a specific and optimised screen size based on whatever device (mobile, tablet…) the visitor uses.

    You would typically use Media Queries to resize the overall layout, but what about all of those individual elements and features that make your page unique? Navigation, forms, images, sliders, carousels… they all need to be optimised as well.

    That is were this post comes in, by highlighting 25 jQuery plugins that will help you optimise and resize those trickier web elements. (more)

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    It’s really amazing to see what one can create using jQuery. Developers just don’t stop making incredibly interactive web applications every now and then. This post just demonstrates excellent examples of some of the best jQuery plugins out there.

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