1. Drupal themes, enter the mobile-first era.

    More and more people nowadays surf the web via mobile devices. This essentially redefines the entire web, including the web design and development practices. Our favourite platform, Drupal, is getting prepared with the mobile initiative for its next major release and the discussions around all of this. So, it seemed like it was high time to do something about all of this on the theme level as well.

    Meet Bootstrap Business

    Bootstrap Business is an all-new, free and responsive theme that has been ported to Drupal as part of our ongoing Drupalizing project, for bringing top quality themes to the Drupal community. The original design has been created by Ayo Themes (check them out on Twitter too), under the name AyoShop, and has been licensed under GNU General Public License v2.0. The theme has been built from the ground up and is based on Bootstrap 3, which is currently the best mobile-first, front-end framework. And it doesn’t end here. Bootstrap Business raises the standards bar for free themes, as it comes bundled with three clean and catchy color schemes.


    Rather than focusing on creating frameworks that will require an expert’s experience to build a site on, our goal at More than Themes is to provide high quality theme products, which are easy and mature for anyone to use — pro in Drupal or amateur.  In light of this, Bootstrap Business is currently getting its final touches and will soon be on the way to Drupal.org (and some of your Drupal sites, hopefully). A sneak peak is already available for you to take a look at on the project homepage.

    Update: Bootstrap Business is now officially out and free for anyone to use. Go get it »

  2. The BlueMasters theme for Drupal is now responsive. And always free.


    BlueMasters was the first theme we ever released back in December 2010. That was in a time when there weren’t much more than a handful quality free themes available for Drupal. Good, modern commercial themes were an even greater rarity. 

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  3. The most amazing site using our Corporate Clean theme for Drupal: the School of Global Environmental Sustainability of Colorado State University

    Homepage of the School of Global Environmental Sustainability of Colorado State University built on Drupal. 

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  4. Big News: Meet Selecta, a brand new FREE theme for Drupal 7. Just released! →

  5. New build of our FREE Drupal theme Corporate Clean 7.x-1.4 release is out! →

  6. NEW version of JournalCrunch FREE Drupal theme now out! →

  7. Don't miss the FREE Magazeen Lite theme for Drupal 7 →


    • 2-column layout
    • JS Slide-show
    • CSS rules for
      • Images into content (stories, pages etc)
      • Tag, Categories, Comments
    • Footer with 2 block regions
    • Ideal for blogs

  8. New version of our FREE BlueMasters theme for Drupal now out! →

    Last but not least, I would like to say a big thank you to all the community members that helped us so far with comments, suggestions and issue reports:

    the Whiteside of life, Frog, komal.savla, timdavison, yogarenzi, timdavison

    Get it at: http://drupal.org/node/1342082

  9. New version of our FREE Drupal theme Corporate Clean out!!!  →

    This release provides better IE7/8 rendering regarding the menus on the sidebar and the footer and the pager, better dropdown menu position and several minor style fixes and improvements.

    a big thank you to all the community members that helped us so far with comments, suggestions and issue reports:

    mcmahos, brainfreeze, 4aron, pandorasbox2gb, csjthomas, isnan, xiaoguime, papalapapp, Dmullenix, tomastik, komige, rdmunoz, elitepoland, gtsopour, el7cosmos, ddd2500, skounis, videodoll, aza101, LinuxETC, JGO, krazykellie, muerteno1, aRawd, claire.osborne, stanowen, pakone, Lightforge88, jtsheldon, rheathcock

    Enjoy this release - http://drupal.org/node/1339402

  10. 15 Free HTML5 and CSS Templates →