1. Tutorial: How to create Drupal multi-column sub-menus (Megamenus) with Superfish

    More than (just) Themes products integrate with the Superfish module supporting gorgeous multi-level drop-down menus with smooth motion. Superfish module integrates jQuery Superfish plugin with your Drupal menus.

    Superfish module supports by default multi-column sub-menus. You have always the option to enable this plugin through Home » Administration » Structure » Blocks » Superfish 1 (Superfish)’ block » MULTI-COLUMN SUB-MENUS (BETA).

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  2. Drupal Commerce Tutorial: How to send notification of an order via email to site admin

    Drupal Commerce does not send an order notification email to site admin (site email) out of the box. However, there is already a rule set up to send the order notification to the user. It’s called “Send an order notification e-mail”. You have always the option to clone this rule, but instead of sending the email to the owner of the order, just send it to the admin’s email address.

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  3. How to preprocess variables for Drupal block.tpl.php

    The function template_preprocess_block prepares the values passed to the theme_block function to be passed into a pluggable template engine. You can see more at the corresponding Drupal API page.

    In your template.php (sites/all/themes/THEMENAME/template.php), you can preprocess the variables to make alterations before block.tpl.php serves them up.

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  4. The Bodhi Salud health and meditation space builds their homepages on Drupal 7, powered by our Chique theme


    The homepage of Bodhi Salud health and meditation space built on Drupal 7.

    Theme used: Chique

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  5. How to create and manage multi-level product categories in your Drupal powered website

    It’s great and it gets constantly greater how you can use Drupal to present your products and services. The flexibility is tremendous, the options are endless, the goodness is unparalleled. 

    One of the things that we have been asked quite often lately is how can one create and manage multi-level product categories. Here we are then, with a step-by-step tutorial showing this using as an example our latest theme, Best Brand


  6. The Terapiados network of therapy centers and professionals builds their homepage on Drupal 7, powered by our Success Inc theme


    The homepage of Terapiados built on Drupal 7.

    Theme used: Success Inc.

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  7. Announcing a brand new Drupal theme that’s three themes in one.

    It’s been a few months since we released our last new theme, Social Style. We haven’t been lazy.

    In addition to getting swamped with requests for new custom theme projects, we have - as always - allocated a tremendous percentage of our resources in servicing the Drupal community, where we’ve been having a rather active first half of the year:

    • We have released our free theme Corked Screwer.
    • We then released yet another free theme, SimpleCorp.
    • Meanwhile we released a new, responsive version of BlueMasters
    • and a new release of Skeleton with various improvements, as well as
    • a new release of Corporate Clean with several fixes and improvements.

    Still, we didn’t stop there; we have been working hard on a number of new, premium themes that we are soon going to start rolling out, starting today, with Best Brand.  


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  8. Drupal 8: New Multilingual Features, by Lullabot

    Drupal 8 is coming with a series of new features and multilingual goodness, which is probably going to be one of the greatest things about the new version. 

    Addison Berry of Drupalize.me by Lullabot has just posted a nice little article and video on the topic. 

    In a series of blog posts, Gábor covers some of the main things going on:

    • Language is first in the installation process
    • Importing the language is automated for you
    • More core modules (fewer contrib will be needed)
    • English is now entirely optional
    • More flexible language detection and selection options
    • "Special" languages for the fuzzy areas (Core comes with "Not applicable" and "Not specified" now, and you can add more)

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  9. The new homepage of MultiMedia Makers is built on Drupal 7, powered by our Top Hit theme


    The homepage of MultiMediaMakers built on Drupal 7.

    Theme used: Top Hit

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  10. Novarosa.es, built on Drupal, gets an awesome new look using our Chique theme


    Novarosa.es, built on Drupal 7.

    Theme used: Chique (previously was Corporate Classy)

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