1. Drupal Dev with debugging

    Eclipse, PDT and XDebug environment for Drupal Development.

    In this tutorial I will try to demonstrate how to make my MacBook Air ready for Drupal Development using the following technologies — which is what I use when developing for More than Themes as well.

    • MAMP
    • Eclipse PDT
    • XDebug
    • Drupal 7

    For the purpose of this demonstration I will also demonstrate how to set a breakpoint in the page.tpl.php file of the Corporate Clean theme and inspect the available variables.

    In the second part of this article, which will follow in a few weeks I will also demonstrate the creation of a simple “Hello World” Drupal module using breakpoints and inspecting the available variables there.

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  2. Revisited: Mega Menus in Drupal 7 →

    In my opinion there are two different types of Mega Menus—Simple and Composite—and each type should be constructed in a different way in Drupal.

    You are creating a Simple Mega Menu when you have a long list of menu items that you want to place in multiple columns ordered top to bottom then left column to right column. For example, the City of Houston has some long menus that could be easily turned into multi-row mega menus. 

    Composite Mega Menu is different because instead of being one long list of like menu items, it is made up of many different elements. For instance, a Composite Mega Menu may have secondary and tertiary menu items listed together along with an image or other content in the same dropdown. A great example of this type of menu is Whitehouse.gov.

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