1. More than Themes now at Drupal showcase

    More than Themes is now included in Drupal showcase, the awesome collection of Drupal websites built by Acquia and powered by Drupal Gardens. Have you been building Drupal websites and haven’t submitted them to Drupal showcase yet? Go do so! :)

    More than Themes at Drupal showcase

  2. Twitter Selects Acquia and Drupal to Power Developer Community Website →

    Twitter selected a Drupal-based community solution for its new Twitter developer website at dev.twitter.com. The site, which was developed with support and guidance from Acquia, launched today.

    The site provides information, tools, assistance, and support for the 750,000 developers across the Twitter ecosystem. It includes access to documents, APIs, tips, tutorials, a blog, and forums designed to connect developers to the Twitter team and each other.

  3. Standardizing your organization's website on Drupal, to cut costs →

    By standardizing on Drupal, organizations can reduce training costs, reduce maintenance costs, streamline security, and optimize internal resources – all without sacrificing quality or requirements.

    An extract from Dries Buytaert’s post on “Acquia product strategy and vision”.