1. Drupal Usability Study at Google livestreamed to 100+ →

    I am excited to announce what a huge success the Drupal usability studies were last week! We livestreamed 8 usability sessions using both Google+ Hangouts on Air and Livestream.com and had over 115 people watching live! The exciting conversations taking place in the #drupal-usability IRC channel proved how powerful live events are; the community truly came together through a process of collaborative brainstorming and experiencing the struggles of new users collectively as they happened.

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  2. Add the Google+ button on your webpage →

  3. Google, Mozilla Team Up to Create a Smarter, Action-Based Web →

    Google has announced a new set of APIs for its Chrome web browser, which are designed toconnect applications and sites across the web.Web Intents, as Google is calling its new meta-website API, allows websites to pass data between each other — for example, to edit a photograph or share a URL with friends.

    Developers at Mozilla have been working on a similar framework for Firefox, and now Google says it will work with Mozilla to develop a single API that works in both web browsers. (more)

  4. Will Chrome be the top web browser next year by this time? →

    just look at the numbers:

    - It took 16 months for Chrome to get to 5%.
    - Then half of that, eight months, for the next 5%.
    - So, it took Chrome 24 months to get its first 10% market share.
    - The next 10% took just 10 months.

    That’s acceleration. Big time. No other web browser is showing anywhere near this kind of growth rate.

  5. Awesome new Gmail feature: Pasting images into Gmail messages just got easier →

  6. Google Announces Summer of Code Results and invests $110k on Drupal for 20 Projects! →

    Some great news by Sumit Kataria of CivicActions:

    We are thrilled to announce that Google will be sponsoring 20 Drupal projects for Summer of Code 2011. We’d like to extend our sincere thanks to Google, who are investing over $110,000 in the Drupal project.

  7. Google Page Speed Now Works in any Web Browser →

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