1. How to open files uploaded using a File field, in a new window (target=’_blank’) in Drupal 7

    Since this is one those kinds of enquiries that pop up quite often in our Support channels, we decided to create a small tutorial about it and make it available via our Support Center

    The following function will enable for you the option to open files in a new window based on the MIME type. Please paste the following code to your template.php file into your theme folder (sites/all/themes/THEMENAME/template.php) by replacing the THEMENAME to your theme name in the function title.

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  2. UK-based band Marylebone Jelly, revamp their site using Drupal, powered by our Success Inc theme


    Homepage of Marylebone Jelly built on Drupal.

    Theme used: Success Inc.

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  3. Always have your Drupal site up-to-date with the new Drupal Security service.

    Updating a Drupal site may be the experienced Drupaler’s bread and butter, but sometimes it may not be the easiest thing—not for everybody, at least. Keeping a Drupal site up-to-date may require spending some time to familiarise with the relevant processes. It may entail some anxiety on carrying out everything right and not breaking anything. It may even require some research with regard to module dependencies before proceeding. Taking care of all of this then for multiple sites, becomes even more of an issue at times.

    Our users quite often share relevant concerns with us, asking for assistance. Which is how we designed, and (slowly) rolled out our Drupal Security Service, which ensures that you always have your Drupal website updated, to all the latest & greatest strength, security & goodness. Here are your main benefits when you sign up with our Drupal Security Service.



    The Drupal Security Team works hard by continuously analyzing the core or contributed project code in order to locate potential errors, weaknesses or threats that compromise the security of Drupal. Our Drupal Security Service, guarantees that your Drupal website will be always running the most secure code released.

    Latest code & updatability

    Stay on the edge. All the “Bells and whistles” of the hard work the community does are bundled every once in a while in a new Drupal release. Our Drupal Security Service, guarantees that your Drupal website will be always running the latest and greatest code. This is translated to better performance and better user-experience for your visitors.


    All of this is done regularly, ensuring minimal or no down-time at all and you will really have no need to worry about anything. You will be in good hands. Our techies are on your disposal and will take care of everything for you.

    Custom-tailored to your case

    Apart from the benefits, our Drupal Security Service is designed to be custom-tailored to your exact needs, depending on the size of your site and, of course, your budget. And it doesn’t end here; volume discount is available in case of multiple sites. 

    With this kind of excellent service in mind, we would like to take advantage of the Drupal Security service for our four Drupal sites, all with MtT themes.

    Scott Tronson
    Marketing Manager
    Alpha Video & Audio, Inc.

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  4. How to customize the label of the Drupal Commerce button on the Order Review page

    Drupal Commerce is a precious toolset used to build eCommerce websites and applications of all sizes based on Drupal. 

    Currently, the submit buttons in the Checkout Pages of Drupal Commerce are usually labeled as “Continue to next step”. This may be confusing in some cases, as it implies that there is another step to go before your Credit Card or your PayPal account is charged. That’s why there is a need for some users to customize the button label on the Order Review page. It also seems that in some countries, the law for customer protection specifies that the button text itself has to explicitly express that this click is subject to charge. It needs to say “BUY”, “PURCHASE” and words like “Order”, “Continue” etc., may not be sufficient.

    So, how do you customize the label of the button into something more specific, in accordance to your preferences? 


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  5. A great year is ending, a big offer is starting.


    What started from scratch less than four years ago and with just one freebie, has now turned into a quickly and healthily growing full-time business, and this has been an incredible year for More than Themes.

    In 2013, we released a number of new responsive free Drupal themes, starting with Corked Screwer, then SimpleCorp, and then Bootstrap Business. We also released a much requested responsive version of BlueMasters.

    This year we also released several new, responsive premium Drupal themes. It all started with the extremely flexible Social Style, and then we released an update to Top Hit that came bundled with Drupal Commerce and, in typical MtT fashion, was free for all existing users. The reception of this was so warm that we then went on with three more new, premium themes, all of which came bundled with Drupal Commerce as well: Best Brand, MarketSquare and Genteel.

    Our themes now power more than 65,000 Drupal websites. This is an astonishing number.

    Nevertheless, 2013 was not just about new theme releases. During the year, we undertook several new custom projects for a variety of clients from around the world. Furthermore, slowly but steadily, we started rolling out a series of new services custom tailored to Drupal site owners and users: our Drupal Security (initially named Managed Drupal Updates or MDU), our PSD-to-Drupal Conversion, and we also laid the ground for our Cloud Dedicated Hosting for Drupal, which is in private beta and coming shortly.

    Success, acceptance and financial goals aside, what’s most important, at least from a  human standpoint, is that during 2013 and over the last couple of years in general, we got to know and interact with some amazing people out there. It’s people that use our themes, provide feedback, identify and report bugs, spread the word via Twitter or Facebook, shoot ideas and overall help us become even better.

    These people are you – our users and customers.  

    We have an incredible relationship with our users and customers. We’ve got customers that have sent us bottles of wines(!) in the office (really – when we opened those bottles we captured videos and emailed those videos back in gratitude). We’ve got (overseas) clients that have invited us to dinners out. We’ve even got clients that suggested they’d love to be able to… attach a chocolate or a few beers(!) in an email to us, along with gratitude (with the Internet of things coming, who knows whether – in some unexpected way – it might soon be possible to do so).

    So, like we did the previous years, we have decided to celebrate the end of a great year, and the anticipation of an even better one, with one great offer. From today until Jan 2nd, 2014, get any of our themes or packs or services, with a 20% discount by using the following coupon:


    A big Thank you from More than Themes to all these people, our users and customers – YOU. Everybody have a great holiday.

    George, Stavros and Evan
    Cofounders at More than Themes

  6. The homepage of the Beavercreek Weekend of Jazz Festival promotes Jazz, powered by Drupal, built upon our Success Inc theme


    Homepage of www.weekendofjazz.org built on Drupal.

    Theme used: Success Inc. 

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  7. Sound Ex Machina goes live offering high quality SFX and Foley libraries, powered by Drupal and our MarketSquare theme


    The homepage of Sound Ex Machina built on Drupal.

    Theme used: MarketSquare

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  8. Tutorial: How to add CAPTCHA to your Drupal forms

    There’s no doubt SPAM is always a pain. While a couple of different solutions are being researched, CAPTCHA is up to this point the sort of industry standard. It becomes of some importance then figuring out how you can add CAPTCHA to your Drupal forms. We’re getting this kind of questions quite often, which is how we decided to create a step-by-step tutorial and make it available via our Support Center


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  9. Drupal themes, enter the mobile-first era.

    More and more people nowadays surf the web via mobile devices. This essentially redefines the entire web, including the web design and development practices. Our favourite platform, Drupal, is getting prepared with the mobile initiative for its next major release and the discussions around all of this. So, it seemed like it was high time to do something about all of this on the theme level as well.

    Meet Bootstrap Business

    Bootstrap Business is an all-new, free and responsive theme that has been ported to Drupal as part of our ongoing Drupalizing project, for bringing top quality themes to the Drupal community. The original design has been created by Ayo Themes (check them out on Twitter too), under the name AyoShop, and has been licensed under GNU General Public License v2.0. The theme has been built from the ground up and is based on Bootstrap 3, which is currently the best mobile-first, front-end framework. And it doesn’t end here. Bootstrap Business raises the standards bar for free themes, as it comes bundled with three clean and catchy color schemes.


    Rather than focusing on creating frameworks that will require an expert’s experience to build a site on, our goal at More than Themes is to provide high quality theme products, which are easy and mature for anyone to use — pro in Drupal or amateur.  In light of this, Bootstrap Business is currently getting its final touches and will soon be on the way to Drupal.org (and some of your Drupal sites, hopefully). A sneak peak is already available for you to take a look at on the project homepage.

    Update: Bootstrap Business is now officially out and free for anyone to use. Go get it »

  10. Tutorial: How to create a Related Nodes block based on taxonomy terms with Views in Drupal

    Here are the necessary instructions for creating a block for Related Nodes with Views in Drupal.

    All screens come from our Premium Responsive Drupal theme Best BrandBest Brand is a complete Drupal distribution including several modules, content types, view pages, view blocks, pre-configured image styles as well as a premium theme tailored together to achieve its functionality. It comes with an installation profile that allows you to have a fully-functional site up and running in few minutes.

    Best Brand comes with the build in Product content type. Product content type comes with several fields - one of them is the Product Categories field (field_product_category). 

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