1. The Pickering Public Library of Canada uses Drupal, brings in More than Themes to create mobile-friendly website based on PressBlog


    The homepage of The Pickering Public Library of Canada is built on Drupal 7.

    Theme used: PressBlog

    The Pickering Public Library already had a website built on Drupal, which they wanted tailored to their needs both in terms of functionality as well as esthetics. This is how they got in touch with us at More than Themes via our contact page providing a brief description of their needs. 

    A few emails later, with questions and answers back and forth so that we make sure we completely figure out their needs, we had a precise project plan and proposal in place and were ready to start work. Our PressBlog theme,which has been designed with academic/portal websites in mind seemed like a great starting point. Using a pre-made theme instead of designing and coding something completely from scratch, was also a tremendously cost-effective option for them as well. 


    As is typical with all our projects, we created a private workspace for both teams - theirs and ours - in Mavenlink, the online collaboration platform we use at More than Themes and soon after we started working on this. 

    Using Mavenlink is great in that it provides complete transparency over how a project progresses against milestones, to all team members with some role in it. Exchanging files, posting feedback on deliverables, integrating with Google docs for delivery notes are also very useful, particularly for projects like this where you’ve got quite a number of people working on different parts of the same project at the same time. And if working in such a way is useful for the reasons explained above, it’s absolutely necessary when the various people involved in a project reside in different corners of the world, with different time-zones. 

    Collaboration was great, feedback was always to-the-point and a few weeks later, the all new homepage of the Pickering Public Library was ready and live at picnet.org


    Dale Quaife of the Pickering Public Library said:

    I can’t say enough about the professionalism and competence that you have displayed during this project. Thank you very much. I am very impressed and I don’t get impressed that easily. Well done!

    Having built Picnet.org on top of our PressBlog theme means that it’s mobile friendly, so anyone can browse the website with an optimal user-experience when using a tablet or smartphone. 


    Browsing Picnet.org on an iPad. 


    Browsing Picnet.org on an iPhone in landscape mode. 


    About the theme: 

    Designed to be a workhorse for content accommodation and widely used by News and Academic websites as well as blogs, both small and big, PressBlog is an extremely lightweight theme for Drupal. It owes its small file size footprint to the fact that all of its design is implemented using code other than graphics. On top of that it makes the most out of the Views module for categorising and presenting your content, and integrates with social media as well as email marketing services, such as Mailchimp. Last but not least, it’s also worth noting that the latest incarnation of PressBlog is responsive and comes with multiple color and font-schemes, so one can easily adjust it according to their liking or brand identity.