1. The online art portfolio of Anthony Cerbins is upgraded to the new Photofolio theme for Drupal

    The online art portfolio of Anthony Cerbins built upon Drupal 7 and powered by the new Photofolio.

    Anthony, who has already upgraded his website from the previous version to the new Photofolio theme for Drupal,  said: 

    I’m an amateur artist in New York that does portraits in oil paint and graphite. I was looking for an elegant & easy way to put together an online gallery of my works, and the Photofolio theme was a perfect fit. It’s a great theme.

    Get in touch with Anthony at his email: acerbins [at] me.com 

    Visiting one of the Gallery pages with its artworks listed as thumbnails. 

    Full-viewing one of Anthony’s artworks, after clicking the corresponding thumbnail in the related Gallery page.
    About the theme: Photofolio was originally released back in 2010 and upgraded in 2011, with this being its third and greatest reincarnation to-date, since it has been completely revamped and enriched to be one of the most powerful Drupal themes around, responsive and equipped with multiple color and font-schemes, so that one can easily adjust it according to their liking or brand identity. The new Photofolio comes as a free upgrade to all our previous Photofolio users. 


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