1. Saveavet.org, a tribute to the other forgotten soldier built upon our PressBlog Drupal theme

    Homepage of SaveaVet.org built upon Drupal 7.

    The website was built in-house using Drupal 7 and PressBlog theme. Bill Scheurer, Board Adviser at Save-A-Vet.org said: 

    Save-A-Vet helps rescue military & law enforcement working dogs & other service animals from being put down when their service to country & community is done, and to provide housing and relief for disabled veterans who help take care of them.

    Get in touch with Bill using one of the following ways:

    • Phone: 847-370-3411 
    • Skype: bill.scheurer 
    • Tweet: @BillScheurer 
    • Email: Bill@SaveAVet.org  


    About the theme: Designed to be a workhorse for content accommodation and widely used by News and Academic websites as well as blogs, both small and big, PressBlog is an extremely lightweight theme for Drupal. It owes its small file size footprint to the fact that all of its design is implemented using code other than graphics. On top of that it makes the most out of the Views module for categorising and presenting your content, and integrates with social media as well as email marketing services, such as Mailchimp. Last but not least, it’s also worth noting that the latest incarnation of PressBlog is responsive and comes with multiple color and font-schemes, so one can easily adjust it according to their liking or brand identity.


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