1. The website of Panda UX Studio Ltd from New Zealand, built on Drupal, using our Business Class theme

    Homepage of Panda UX Studio Ltd built on Drupal. 

    Panda UX Studio Founder and Owner Zaid Al-Dabbagh said:

    At Panda UX Studio Ltd we wanted to develop a portfolio site where it could show off some of our work and to also highlight some of our awesome services. We were impressed with the quality of the themes available at MoreThanThemes as it really stood out against the rest in terms of design quality. The website was created by us, and the Business Class theme was extended slightly to better fit the Panda UX Studio Ltd colour scheme and corporate image we wanted to present.

    Details about Panda UX Studio Limited:
    Panda UX Studio Ltd is a Wellington (New Zealand) based Web Design and Identity digital agency.  Panda UX Studio Ltd is committed to developing fantastic looking web sites, that are feature-full and are easy to use, and not yet another website.  We take extra attention to detail to ensure that we meet 100% our clients expectations, and the testimonialsthat we have received so far speak for itself.  We’re a small start up with big dreams and keen to grow and take on much bigger projects, so feel free to contact us to tell us about your exciting project and how we can help.
    To find out more about Panda UX Studio Ltd feel welcome to contact them.

    About the theme: Business Class for Drupal 7 is the first theme by More than Themes that came with multiple color schemes and font stacks. It also featured a number of automations and customizations via the built-in theme settings, introducing a series of Drupal themes that are extremely customizable to the needs and goals of each and every user. Business Class was released in November 2011 and so far has proven an all-time hit.