1. The website of Cloud Computing Perth from Australia, built on Drupal, using our Corporate Classy theme

    Homepage of the website of Cloud Computing Perth, built on Drupal.

    Cloud Computing Perth is a brand in Perth, Western Australia. It informs about the benefits of using cloud computing, and is associated to the GoPc.net platform, a cloud computing solution created by Central Data Systems in Western Australia. The website is linked to various social media accounts and has been created by MultiMediaMakerswho have added a creative touch to the existing theme in order to integrate the brand colors and graphics associated with Cloud Computing Perth.
    Owner: Graeme Speak, Central Data Systems, gls@gopc.net,  West Perth.
    Theme used: Corporate Classy
    Kris of MultiMediaMakers, creators of the website said: 

    SydneyVideoProducers is a spinoff of our main brand MultiMediaMakers. We are looking to implement satellite companies in various cities and the MoreThanThemes installer themes are a great tool to rapidly deploy a fast and professional website. Sydney Video Producers is entirely dedicated to marketing our services for the Sydney area, and uses the various content types in the theme to create Portfolio entries and News articles. 

    Owner: Els Van de Veire, MultiMediaMakers

    About the theme: Corporate Classy for Drupal 7 is the first theme ever designed and created by More than Themes, originally for Drupal 6 back in 2010. It was lated upgraded to Drupal 7 and enriched with a series of new features, like its completely revamped and wonderful product page.


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