1. Photographer Tomasz Frankowski uses Business Class theme for Drupal

    spinview.co.uk - Created and owned by Tomasz Frankowski, the website of the SpinView Photography, 360 panorama and virtual tour business. 

    Tomasz said: 

    I was looking for a professional-looking theme for Drupal 7. I loved the idea of showing 360 panoramas in a window like on the front page banner of Business Class, so with the support of More Than Themes, I could manage to show the banner as a part of the portfolio content, not the frontpage only. I also needed to install a few more modules to handle a couple of flash panoramas, added some SEO modules and swapped the original pictures to my own. Fast installation and great support, is some of the reasons I will be back to More Than Themes with my next - videography website - this winter! ;-) 

    and went on adding: 

    "in my opinion there is no better solution for a photographer’s website than Drupal (SEO, content management, blog). And it’s not so difficult either, in fact I even host and build my Drupal based websites. 

    About Tomasz: Tomasz Frankowski is a photographer and presents his work through www.spinview.co.uk and www.atfirstsightphotography.co.uk). Contact him at info@spinview.co.uk.

    About the theme: Business Class for Drupal 7 is the first theme by More than Themes that came with multiple color schemes and font stacks. It also featured a number of automations and customizations via the built-in theme settings, introducing a series of Drupal themes that are extremely customizable to the needs and goals of each and every user. Business Class was released in November 2011 and so far has proven an all-time hit.


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