1. Turn your website into a top-hit with the all-new and responsive… Top-Hit theme for Drupal

    With TopHit we were aiming for a Drupal theme that would combine all the features of our previous two, and extremely successful ones, Business Class and Chique. A few examples on this are the Superfish menus, the slideshow automations and the support for single- as well as two-column layout, among many others. On top of that, the new theme should be featuring as much attention to design detail as those previous ones, incorporating multiple color schemes and font-styles, while being even more lightweight and easy to use.

    And yet it wouldn’t end here either; the new theme should be end-to-end responsive, providing a smooth and seamless user-experience on all your mobile devices as well. 

    And still, there’s many more features and goodies that help you make the most of TopHit so, go ahead, check out the full feature list, have a look at the live demo, or get your feet wet at the playground (Credentials: user: guest, pswd: play). Needless to say, feel welcome to send us any comment or shoot any question or idea. We always strive to make it happen.  


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