1. The homepage of the American Secular Census built upon the PressBlog theme

    http://www.secularcensus.us/, homepage of the American Secular Census, using the Pressblog theme.

    Theme used: PressBlog

    Mary Elen Sikes, President of the American Secular Census said: 

    The Census collects demographic and viewpoint data from nonreligious Americans, a population little understood by the media, politicians, and society. This is a Drupal site which uses CiviCRM (and integration between the two) to manage Census registrations and data collection.

    Pressblog is perfect for my site’s requirements. By manipulating the tabbed sidebar blocks I am able to display different information and links to casual site visitors vs. authenticated Census registrants. The front page slideshow packages the info I want to showcase in a way that encourages people to read. Views integration is particularly helpful for certain content and blocks, and the built-in Twitter feed is turning out to be more of an asset than I expected.

    Also - the support I received during site development was superb!

    Mary Ellen Sikes, President
    American Secular Census

    About the theme: Designed to be a workhorse for content accommodation and widely used by News and Academic websites as well as blogs, both small and big, PressBlog is an extremely lightweight theme for Drupal. It owes its small file size footprint to the fact that all of its design is implemented using code other than graphics. On top of that it makes the most out of the Views module for categorising and presenting your content, and integrates with social media as well as email marketing services, such as Mailchimp. Last but not least, it’s also worth noting that the latest incarnation of PressBlog is responsive and comes with multiple color and font-schemes, so one can easily adjust it according to their liking or brand identity.


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