1. Orthometals from Flowlutions in four languages, built on the Business Class theme

    Orthometals.com, the homepage of the homonymous market leader in recycling metals remaining after cremation. 

    Theme used: Business Class

    About the project - For OrthoMetals, Flowlutions made a Drupal 7 website using the excellent Business Class theme from More than Themes. The project uses the Domain module to offer the site in 4 different languages separate based on the domain extension. Using the Enterprise option from More than Themes when buying the theme, the support and response was very helpful, smart and efficient. Setting up the site with the installation profile accelerates the development of the project and helps with quickly understanding the possibilities build into the theme. 

    About the client - OrthoMetals is a niche market leader in the recycling of metals remaining after cremation. After collection and sorting of the metals the proceeds are donated to charity. Because of their global presence and a multitude of stakeholders the website reflects the core values of the company.

    About Flowlutions - Flowlutions is a small internet project management agency hailing from Amsterdam the Netherlands. For small and medium-sized organizations, Flowlutions can help clients reach their online ambition through project management, including website creation, partner selection and strategy optimization. We love Drupal and use it inmost of our projects.

    Get in touch with Flowlutions at hilgo@flowlutions.nl.

    About the theme: Business Class for Drupal 7 is the first theme by More than Themes that came with multiple color schemes and font stacks. It also featured a number of automations and customizations via the built-in theme settings, introducing a series of Drupal themes that are extremely customizable to the needs and goals of each and every user. Business Class was released in November 2011 and so far has proven an all-time hit.


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