1. A gorgeous implementation in Arab based on the Business Class theme, for the new website of the OpenERP Arabic Community

    OpenERPArabia.org, the gorgeous official website of the OpenERP Arabic Community.

    Theme used: Business Class

    OpenERPArabia.org is the official website of the “OpenERP Arabic Community”, whose purpose is to be the communication and collaboration hub for supporting the use of the OpenERP system using the Arabic language. OpenERP (http://www.openerp.com) is a modular, open-source ERP system written in Python and licensed under the AGPL. The Arabic OpenERP Community fosters projects conducted by its members to help Arabic technical and business users to make use of the OpenERP system. Example projects are: Instructional Guides, System Translation, and Localization (e.g. localized chart of accounts). For more information, please visit our website at: http://openerparabia.org

    Get in touch with openerparabia.org via one of the following ways:

    About the theme: Used with Right-To-Left writing in this example, Business Class for Drupal 7 is the first theme by More than Themes that came with multiple color schemes and font stacks. It also featured a number of automations and customizations via the built-in theme settings, introducing a series of Drupal themes that are extremely customizable to the needs and goals of each and every user. Business Class was released in November 2011 and so far has proven an all-time hit.


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