1. Thoughts on our free Drupal themes and supporting the community

    From the very first time, here at More than Themes we have ported, maintain and support several free Drupal themes. A few of these themes are among the most widely used across the Drupal community, like BlueMasters and Corporate Clean. Reasonably, all this requires time, effort and inevitably costs, yet we are very committed to not just keep doing it, but do it to an even greater extent with more free Drupal themes coming. So, why do we do it? Because we love Drupal.

    Why we love Drupal

    In fact we don’t really love Drupal, we love the endless things we can do with Drupal. We love the community, the code, the infrastructure and the potential. We loved this since the very beginning of getting our feet wet with the platform back in 2006. It may not have been the easiest CMS platform to use, yet Drupal is robust, powerful and extremely expandable. The latter is one of the main reasons why we have chosen it for some of our major projects.

    We believe in Drupal and this is why we have invested in it. We want to see Drupal becoming more popular and are actively trying to contribute to this end. One of Drupal’s known weaknesses when compared to Wordpress or Joomla has always been the lack of quality themes. With both our free and commercial themes and by struggling to continuously raise their quality bar higher, we are doing our best to help eliminate this weakness.

    Let’s let the numbers talk.

    One and a half year since we started we thought that this is the right time to look back and see what we have done so far. We are grasping the chance with the release of the new version of our free Corporate Clean theme, to review and share how we have been supporting our free themes. Since our first commit our free Drupal themes have been downloaded more than 250,000 times, are currently installed on more than 25,000 websites and the number keeps growing.  

    This amazing response by the community feeds our passion. We are keeping our radars open to comments, critique and requests and are doing our best to respond back and actively address as much as we can, as swiftly as we can. So far, we have fixed 102 bugs reported by the community and have added 18 new features requested by users of our themes. All in all, we have responded to 92 support requests.

    Help us help the community.

    Wanna help us help the amazing Drupal community further? Visit drupalizing.com and check out our themes. Try them, post comments, report bugs, request features, suggest improvements. Help us make them better for everyone in the community to use and let’s all help make Drupal even better.


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