1. Latabledaxelle.lu; a great restaurant website built on Drupal, powered by our Chique theme


    Whenever we design a new theme we do way more research than just trying out colors, fonts and CSS or Javascript tricks. First and foremost, we research the market’s NEEDS. This is how we manage to incorporate in each of our themes a complete, real-life use-case scenario, something that we believe is shown on our live demos. We start everything with focusing on identifying a real-life need because of what we are after, and this is offering — like our name implies — ”more than just themes”. We want our products to be offering practical, usable, powerful solutions to real-life needs. 

    We designed our Chique theme with local business websites in mind. We realized there’s a lack of good themes for cafés, hotels, bars, restaurants etc. And this is why Chique isn’t the typical business theme; in addition to its front-page slideshow and blocks, it comes with specially created content types for the scenario and also accommodates a map (so customers can find their way to the shop) and booking, has powerful and great-looking social media integration and can also feature videos i.e.: of a recent event, an ad about a shop or even a video testimonial — the latter being a very powerful way of building trust around a brand. 

    Boy does it feel awesome seeing Chique in action, on a website fully employing its features and capabilities and Latabledaxelle.lu is one of those. This restaurant in Luxemburg combines one of the typographic styles built-in into Chique with one of the background patterns and builds it brand on top of those, using its own colors, logo and great photography.  

    So, go to: Latabledaxelle.lu (and if you are around Luxemburg pay a visit - it definitely looks like an awesome place).


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