1. For those of your interested in themes for Drupal 8: a freebie

    Drupal 8 is coming shortly and it’s going to be really great for a variety of reasons. We are being asked quite often whether we will upgrade our themes or whether we will have new releases for Drupal 8. The truth is we are actively working on preparing our existing as well as new themes for Drupal 8. So, we’d like to offer you a sneak peak of what we’re up to. 

    In celebration of DrupalCon that takes place this week in Austin, Texas we are sharing a pre-release of our Bootstrap Business for Drupal 8. Bootstrap Business for D8 looks like the D7 version but with one important improvement. Because typography matters, the D8 version features as default the new, great Fira Sans typeface by Erik Spiekermann, which was commissioned by the Mozilla Institution (read more about it or grab it). 

    Just like its original version for Drupal 7, Bootstrap Business is completely free and you can grab and test it right away. Enjoy and, needless to say, do report any issues so that we can improve along with Drupal 8 as it matures. 


    Take a look at the demo or Go, grab it

    Important Notice: the current version of Bootstrap Business is based on Drupal 8 Core Alpha 12, released on May 28th, 2014. 

  2. Meet Scholarly, a powerful Drupal theme to power your education-oriented site.

    Scholarly is our take on how a good Drupal theme for education-oriented websites should be. In today’s economy there’s an ever-growing need for building powerful, flexible and scalable sites for university departments, traditional and online schools and seminars, as well as, in general, businesses centered around education and training. Scholarly was designed to provide a well-thought use-case scenario that is specific enough to provide a great solution out-of-the-box for such sites.

    Content types and other goodies

    Scholarly comes with a series of content types tailored to Academia like Faculty, Students, Courses and Events and it goes a step further, featuring relationships between those e.g.: connecting Courses with Teachers teaching those.


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  3. How to deal with product variations and Drupal Commerce?

    Drupal Commerce is used to build eCommerce websites and applications of all sizes, based on Drupal. Product attributes are the descriptors we use to define kinds of products. For example, we could describe a T-shirt by the color and size. These attributes mean that, while in the real physical world your store may only carry one red T-shirt, you still have three sizes or three “variations” of it in your store.

    How do you deal with such variations when creating your store using Drupal Commerce? Here’s an article we put together, following relevant questions from our users that have got some of our themes that come bundled with Drupal Commerce. 

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  4. This June we will be at the DRUPALCON 2014 in Austin, Texas

    The DrupalCon will be the event of the year for all Drupalers around the globe. More than Themes will be there. Are you coming along? :-)


  5. Our latest Drupal theme, is a feature-packed asset that you will use over and over again

    We always strive to do better than before. We try out different things on both the design and code level of a theme. We explore complexity trying to reach for simplicity. With Startup Growth, our latest Drupal theme, we think we have achieved a nice balance between those two poles. Here’s our thinking behind all of this.

    In the beginning of 2014, we released Mobile+. Mobile+ is a very powerful Drupal theme, with lots of special features and extras and a certain thinking behind it. It’s also been our first premium theme based on the wildly popular Bootstrap framework.

    Meet Startup Growth

    Startup Growth is a state-of-the-art Drupal theme with a wealth of Drupal as well as non-Drupal related features.


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  6. How to open files uploaded using a File field, in a new window (target=’_blank’) in Drupal 7

    Since this is one those kinds of enquiries that pop up quite often in our Support channels, we decided to create a small tutorial about it and make it available via our Support Center

    The following function will enable for you the option to open files in a new window based on the MIME type. Please paste the following code to your template.php file into your theme folder (sites/all/themes/THEMENAME/template.php) by replacing the THEMENAME to your theme name in the function title.

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  7. The homepage rightIT specialists for SMEs is built on Drupal, using our Social Style theme


    Homepage of the Right IT built on Drupal.

    Theme used: Social Style.

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  8. UK-based band Marylebone Jelly, revamp their site using Drupal, powered by our Success Inc theme


    Homepage of Marylebone Jelly built on Drupal.

    Theme used: Success Inc.

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  9. Always have your Drupal site up-to-date with the new Drupal Security service.

    Updating a Drupal site may be the experienced Drupaler’s bread and butter, but sometimes it may not be the easiest thing—not for everybody, at least. Keeping a Drupal site up-to-date may require spending some time to familiarise with the relevant processes. It may entail some anxiety on carrying out everything right and not breaking anything. It may even require some research with regard to module dependencies before proceeding. Taking care of all of this then for multiple sites, becomes even more of an issue at times.

    Our users quite often share relevant concerns with us, asking for assistance. Which is how we designed, and (slowly) rolled out our Drupal Security Service, which ensures that you always have your Drupal website updated, to all the latest & greatest strength, security & goodness. Here are your main benefits when you sign up with our Drupal Security Service.


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  10. Meet Mobile+, a Bootstrap-based, responsive Drupal theme, with unlimited capabilities

    Throughout the second half of 2013 we introduced several new themes with a 1200 px width, as well as out-of-the-box integration with Drupal Commerce: Best Brand, MarketSquare and Genteel. As monitors get wider and resolutions higher nowadays, this is bound to quickly lead to new “industry standards” for site widths.

    On top of that, and in line with our determination to keep working on great new, free themes as well, for everyone in the Drupal community to use, in 2013 we also embarked on exploring something new and very promising: Bootstrap 3. This led to the release of our free Bootstrap Business theme. This is slowly but steadily proving to be another highly successful experiment, as people seem to love it with all the unparalleled responsive flexibility the Bootstrap framework brings.

    So, all of the above led to the next logical step, which was to work on a brand new, premium theme that would combine all those goodies. And yet it wouldn’t stick to just those.

    Meet Mobile+

    Mobile+ is based on original design work of Gökhun Guneyhan whom we’d met via Bēhance and who had also designed the original looks of MarketSquare. With Mobile+ Gökhun presented yet another very modern, detailed and well-thought design with his typical bits of visual eccentricity here and there, which brings a totally different touch compared to most themes in the market. And yet again, Mobile+ isn’t just about design. It’s a state-of-the-art Drupal theme with lots of Drupal and non-Drupal related features. Here are some of its highlights. The complete list of features is provided on the theme presentation page.


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