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Dec 11

Sound Ex Machina goes live offering high quality SFX and Foley libraries, powered by Drupal and our MarketSquare theme


The homepage of Sound Ex Machina built on Drupal.

Theme used: MarketSquare

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Dec 04

Tutorial: How to add CAPTCHA to your Drupal forms

There’s no doubt SPAM is always a pain. While a couple of different solutions are being researched, CAPTCHA is up to this point the sort of industry standard. It becomes of some importance then figuring out how you can add CAPTCHA to your Drupal forms. We’re getting this kind of questions quite often, which is how we decided to create a step-by-step tutorial and make it available via our Support Center


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Nov 21

Meet Genteel, a brand new, responsive Drupal theme built with elegance in mind

This October we released MarketSquare which, following Best Brand, was the second theme in a row to feature a 1200px width and the third, along with Top Hit, to come with out-of-the-box integration with Drupal Commerce.

The response has been overwhelming and the newly introduced goodness seems to be appreciated by nearly everyone in touch with us (thank you for the nice words!). Could we then take the technical robustness of these themes with the distinctly flat and trendy look’n’feel, and build something really-really chique, elegant, classy and with a touch of timelessness on top them?

We think we nailed it.

Meet Genteel.

Genteel is first and foremost about looks. 


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Nov 07

Drupal themes, enter the mobile-first era.

More and more people nowadays surf the web via mobile devices. This essentially redefines the entire web, including the web design and development practices. Our favourite platform, Drupal, is getting prepared with the mobile initiative for its next major release and the discussions around all of this. So, it seemed like it was high time to do something about all of this on the theme level as well.

Meet Bootstrap Business

Bootstrap Business is an all-new, free and responsive theme that has been ported to Drupal as part of our ongoing Drupalizing project, for bringing top quality themes to the Drupal community. The original design has been created by Ayo Themes (check them out on Twitter too), under the name AyoShop, and has been licensed under GNU General Public License v2.0. The theme has been built from the ground up and is based on Bootstrap 3, which is currently the best mobile-first, front-end framework. And it doesn’t end here. Bootstrap Business raises the standards bar for free themes, as it comes bundled with three clean and catchy color schemes.


Rather than focusing on creating frameworks that will require an expert’s experience to build a site on, our goal at More than Themes is to provide high quality theme products, which are easy and mature for anyone to use — pro in Drupal or amateur.  In light of this, Bootstrap Business is currently getting its final touches and will soon be on the way to (and some of your Drupal sites, hopefully). A sneak peak is already available for you to take a look at on the project homepage.

Update: Bootstrap Business is now officially out and free for anyone to use. Go get it »

Oct 31 is a site with a great purpose, powered by our Top Hit theme for Drupal


The homepage of built on Drupal 7.

Theme used: Top Hit

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Oct 23

Tutorial: How to create a Related Nodes block based on taxonomy terms with Views in Drupal

Here are the necessary instructions for creating a block for Related Nodes with Views in Drupal.

All screens come from our Premium Responsive Drupal theme Best BrandBest Brand is a complete Drupal distribution including several modules, content types, view pages, view blocks, pre-configured image styles as well as a premium theme tailored together to achieve its functionality. It comes with an installation profile that allows you to have a fully-functional site up and running in few minutes.

Best Brand comes with the build in Product content type. Product content type comes with several fields - one of them is the Product Categories field (field_product_category). 

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Oct 16

Tutorial: How to create Drupal multi-column sub-menus (Megamenus) with Superfish

More than (just) Themes products integrate with the Superfish module supporting gorgeous multi-level drop-down menus with smooth motion. Superfish module integrates jQuery Superfish plugin with your Drupal menus.

Superfish module supports by default multi-column sub-menus. You have always the option to enable this plugin through Home » Administration » Structure » Blocks » Superfish 1 (Superfish)’ block » MULTI-COLUMN SUB-MENUS (BETA).

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Oct 03

Announcing MarketSquare, an eclectic theme for outstanding brands.

A couple of months ago we released Best Brand, a responsive, sober-looking corporate/business theme for Drupal. Best Brand brought two new things: it was the first new theme where we were experimenting with a 1200 px width, as well as out-of-the-box integration with Drupal Commerce. We were happy to see both of these experiments turn out extremely successful. So, it was time for something completely different in terms of looks and the use-case scenario it serves, yet equipped with all the new goodness.

Meet MarketSquare

MarketSquare was based on original design work of Gökhun Guneyhan whom we’ve known via Bēhance for a while now. Gökhun presented a very modern, detailed, flat and colourful artwork with bits of visual eccentricity here and there that bring a totally different touch compared to Best Brand. Yet MarketSquare isn’t just about design. It’s a state-of-the-art Drupal theme with lots of Drupal and non-Drupal related features. Here are some highlights – for the complete list please check the theme page.


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Sep 11

Drupal Commerce Tutorial: How to send notification of an order via email to site admin

Drupal Commerce does not send an order notification email to site admin (site email) out of the box. However, there is already a rule set up to send the order notification to the user. It’s called “Send an order notification e-mail”. You have always the option to clone this rule, but instead of sending the email to the owner of the order, just send it to the admin’s email address.

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Sep 05

How to preprocess variables for Drupal block.tpl.php

The function template_preprocess_block prepares the values passed to the theme_block function to be passed into a pluggable template engine. You can see more at the corresponding Drupal API page.

In your template.php (sites/all/themes/THEMENAME/template.php), you can preprocess the variables to make alterations before block.tpl.php serves them up.

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