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Jul 17

News+: Our thoughts on building a Drupal theme for news portals

News+ is our latest Drupal theme for news portals. It was carefully planned to combine Bootstrap-based goodness, a beautiful design, with exceptional functionality tailored to the use case scenarios around news sites.


Drupal is a great choice for building news sites

That Drupal is a great platform – perhaps the best – to build a news portal upon, is not new. The expandability, the ever-growing module-driven flexibility, and an amazing community that provides a robust, secure foundation are just some reasons to consider Drupal a great match for news portals. Which is why a couple of years back we released Pressblog, our first theme for news portals and mega-blog sites. PressBlog was great for its time and was used extensively by clients around the world. And yet PressBlog became even greater a few months ago, in late 2013, when we released a new, thoroughly revamped version, that was met with great reception and very warm comments.

So, why would we get to great pains to create yet another Drupal theme for news sites?

It’s all about the user.

News+ is all about the user – your website’s user. It’s 2014 and users expect well-thought features anymore, that make their experience with your site better. News+ goes a step further than most news/portal themes featuring:

Here’s some more thoughts on those.

Responsive is great, mobile-first is better.

An ever-growing number of website visitors will visit your site using their mobile devices. This is more than ever the case with news portals in particular. So you need a great theme that has been designed with mobile devices *first* in mind. News+ is built on great foundation—the most popular front-end framework for developing responsive, “mobile-first” projects on the web. And, further to that, it features several additional goodies like OS-specific as well as custom mobile navigation options, so you can pick whatever you want to offer your users.


Packed with special features

With News+ your users enjoy special features only the world’s best news & article publishing sites have: - Time to read, - Reading progress as they scroll down, reading your articles, - One-click access to the Print dialog, - Accessibility tools for font resizing, and of course, - One-click access to social media Sharing tools. Internal slideshow for every post Enrich every of your posts with visual greatness, using the built-in internal slideshow with carousel. Enjoy the image management automations.


Multiple colors, fonts & more

News+ comes with seven carefully selected, awesome color schemes to choose from: Red, Blue, Green, Orange, Pink, Purple and Gray. Just pick the one that fits your brand with a single click through the theme-settings.


HTML5 and CSS3

State-of-the-art code base, using HTML5 and CSS3, compliant with best practices and avoiding hacks and workarounds that could break things along the way.
Great Google maps integration
Making it easy for your visitor to locate your business on the map plays an ever-growing role nowadays, and Mobile+ does great in this direction.

Drupal Commerce

A news portal does not need to be just about publishing articles and featuring ads. It could as well be about selling publications, like ebooks. News+ covers this scenario as well, as it integrates with Drupal Commerce. Specifically, our Pro & Enterprise versions of News+ come bundled with an extra installation profile that includes Drupal Commerce providing you a turnkey e-commerce solution right after installation.

More info | News+ Screenshots | Live demo | Commerce Live demo

Jul 02

How to update the Font Awesome web font in your Drupal site

Font Awesome gives you scalable vector icons that can instantly be customized - size, color, drop shadow, and anything that can be done with the power of CSS.

Our products use the Bootstrap CDN so you can add the Font Awesome web font with a single line of code. You don’t even have to download or install anything. Updating is as easy. 

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Jun 25

Drupal for non-profits; the case of Wilderness Society Stewardship and their use of Drupal and our Chique theme


The homepage of the Society for Wilderness Stewardship, built on Drupal.

Theme used: Chique

A while back, the Society for Wilderness Stewardship hired More than Themes to build a new Drupal website for them, powered by a custom version of our Chique theme. Working with the Society was a great experience in many aspects. One of those, perhaps one of the most important ones, is the extensive, elaborate thought and planning that was put in place, in various aspects of their new site. 

Lee Lambert Executive Director of the Society for Wilderness Stewardship, shares some information no on the Society’s background: 

The Society for Wilderness Stewardship (the Society) is a US 501 (c) 3 not for-profit Corporation based in Evergreen, Colorado, USA. Our mission is to promote excellence in the professional practice of wilderness stewardship, science, and education to ensure the life-sustaining benefits of wilderness.

Internal pages in the website of the Society, showcasing examples of their work. 

On how they came up with choosing Drupal to power their organisational website, and why the chose More than Themes to handle the project, Lee goes on to explain: 

Drupal 7 was selected by the Society’s former Outreach chair who had worked successfully with different open source CMS’s and felt that Drupal was the best CMS open source platform for the Society. More than Themes was selected to develop the site initially because they had developed the theme, but ultimately because of their thorough approach, experience, process, price, customer support and ability to maintain and update the site.

The website was developed utilizing the MTT’s Chique theme. Chique was chosen because the existing color options/scheme and layout best suited the design and capabilities desired by the Society.


Some of the available color schemes the Chique theme comes with. 

Lee went on sharing how several aspects were taken into consideration for the design, the colour scheme and the overall visual appearance: 

Color, design considerations and visual appearance was selected to illustrate the Society’s unique position as a wilderness stewardship/conservation organization. We are a professional society. In that capacity, we represent both the Federal, US Land Management Agencies, their employees and their partner volunteer organizations who work to steward, protect and manage the National Wilderness Preservation System (NWPS). The Society does not provide “on the ground” Volunteer projects nor seek to acquire more land for protection under NWPS.

Further, it was important to represent the ecological diversity found in the NWPS. Not just in terms of topography – but in terms of the natural habitants of those ecosystems. Thus, the layout, color and images were selected for that purpose.

Design details like an elegant menu and a background image, that make a difference. 

It’s important to note how every consideration was made in line with the organisation’s goalsThe Society’s website provides information to our membership on our organization, its work, projects, committees, upcoming events and ways to get involved. Specific wireframes and goals for the website were established. The wireframes were used to modify the Chique Theme to the Society’s requirements, with the following goals and objectives set to determine the design flow and graphical use of the site. Specifically:

About the theme: We designed Chique theme with local business websites in mind. We realized there’s a lack of good themes for cafés, hotels, bars, restaurants etc. So this is why Chique isn’t the typical business/corporate theme; in addition to its front-page slideshow and blocks, it comes with specially created content types for the use case scenario and also accommodates a map so that customers can find their way to the shop. It also features booking, it has powerful and great-looking social media integration and can also feature videos i.e.: of a recent event, an ad about a shop or even a video testimonial — the latter being a very powerful way of building trust around a brand. In addition to the above, we introduced a variety of color schemes and typographic styles into Chique  so you can pick the one that fits your needs or goals, with just a couple of clicks.

Jun 13

Drupal Commerce Products and the Inline Entity Form

Drupal Commerce is used to build eCommerce websites and applications of all sizes based on Drupal. 

Drupal Commerce products are entities with intrinsic product ID, SKU, and Title properties, as well as default Price fields. They can be further customised using any number of product types and fields.

You can easily create products with the Store administrative interface, but your products will not be automatically visible to users on the front end. Drupal Commerce separates the definition of a product from its display, allowing you to build custom displays using the tools the project provides such as the product reference field.

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Jun 05

For those of your interested in themes for Drupal 8: a freebie

Drupal 8 is coming shortly and it’s going to be really great for a variety of reasons. We are being asked quite often whether we will upgrade our themes or whether we will have new releases for Drupal 8. The truth is we are actively working on preparing our existing as well as new themes for Drupal 8. So, we’d like to offer you a sneak peak of what we’re up to. 

In celebration of DrupalCon that takes place this week in Austin, Texas we are sharing a pre-release of our Bootstrap Business for Drupal 8. Bootstrap Business for D8 looks like the D7 version but with one important improvement. Because typography matters, the D8 version features as default the new, great Fira Sans typeface by Erik Spiekermann, which was commissioned by the Mozilla Institution (read more about it or grab it). 

Just like its original version for Drupal 7, Bootstrap Business is completely free and you can grab and test it right away. Enjoy and, needless to say, do report any issues so that we can improve along with Drupal 8 as it matures. 


Take a look at the demo or Go, grab it

Important Notice: the current version of Bootstrap Business is based on Drupal 8 Core Alpha 12, released on May 28th, 2014. 

May 21

Meet Scholarly, a powerful Drupal theme to power your education-oriented site.

Scholarly is our take on how a good Drupal theme for education-oriented websites should be. In today’s economy there’s an ever-growing need for building powerful, flexible and scalable sites for university departments, traditional and online schools and seminars, as well as, in general, businesses centered around education and training. Scholarly was designed to provide a well-thought use-case scenario that is specific enough to provide a great solution out-of-the-box for such sites.

Content types and other goodies

Scholarly comes with a series of content types tailored to Academia like Faculty, Students, Courses and Events and it goes a step further, featuring relationships between those e.g.: connecting Courses with Teachers teaching those.


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May 07

How to deal with product variations and Drupal Commerce?

Drupal Commerce is used to build eCommerce websites and applications of all sizes, based on Drupal. Product attributes are the descriptors we use to define kinds of products. For example, we could describe a T-shirt by the color and size. These attributes mean that, while in the real physical world your store may only carry one red T-shirt, you still have three sizes or three “variations” of it in your store.

How do you deal with such variations when creating your store using Drupal Commerce? Here’s an article we put together, following relevant questions from our users that have got some of our themes that come bundled with Drupal Commerce. 

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May 01

This June we will be at the DRUPALCON 2014 in Austin, Texas

The DrupalCon will be the event of the year for all Drupalers around the globe. More than Themes will be there. Are you coming along? :-)


Apr 30

Our latest Drupal theme, is a feature-packed asset that you will use over and over again

We always strive to do better than before. We try out different things on both the design and code level of a theme. We explore complexity trying to reach for simplicity. With Startup Growth, our latest Drupal theme, we think we have achieved a nice balance between those two poles. Here’s our thinking behind all of this.

In the beginning of 2014, we released Mobile+. Mobile+ is a very powerful Drupal theme, with lots of special features and extras and a certain thinking behind it. It’s also been our first premium theme based on the wildly popular Bootstrap framework.

Meet Startup Growth

Startup Growth is a state-of-the-art Drupal theme with a wealth of Drupal as well as non-Drupal related features.


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Apr 16

How to open files uploaded using a File field, in a new window (target=’_blank’) in Drupal 7

Since this is one those kinds of enquiries that pop up quite often in our Support channels, we decided to create a small tutorial about it and make it available via our Support Center

The following function will enable for you the option to open files in a new window based on the MIME type. Please paste the following code to your template.php file into your theme folder (sites/all/themes/THEMENAME/template.php) by replacing the THEMENAME to your theme name in the function title.

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