1. Our thoughts on building a listing theme for Drupal

    Listing+, is another entry in our series of modern, mobile-first themes built on Bootstrap. As its name indicates,  Listing+ is, well, a… listing theme, specifically tailored around real estate. As such, the theme has been designed to accommodate virtually endless real estate properties for rental or sale, making use of the power of Views combined with the flexibility of Quicktabs for nesting content nicely, in tiny (and not so tiny) bits of space.


    Drupal is great for content-heavy sites—and Listing+ makes use of it

    With its ever-growing list of modules, Drupal is a good candidate if you are looking to build and manage a big listing site, with lots of entries. You can build and manage your own content types, and you can create relationships among them.

    Custom content types and interrelationships between nodes

    Listing+ has been designed and built with its use case scenario in mind. It comes with custom built-in content types for Properties and Agents of properties, which are interconnected. An Agent can be associated with multiple properties—just like in real life. A visitor interested in a Property can easily get the contact information of the Agent—again, just like in real life. And if the visitor is not sure about their choice yet, adding a Property to their watch list comes in handy.

    Searching, filtering and sorting

    Another important thing when speaking of listing sites with lots of entries, is providing your visitors ways to search by various criteria, to filter and to sort the results according to their needs. Listing+ has this functionality built-in, making the most of exposed Views fields.

    Cleverly designed layouts

    Context is important. When your visitor views an node/entry in your listing site, you would want to serve them related results – with similar properties, perhaps even ones currently on offer – within the context provided in a sidebar column.

    Responsive is great, mobile-first is better.

    Like all our recent themes, Listing+ is built on great foundation—the most popular front-end framework for developing responsive, “mobile-first” projects on the web. And, further to that, it features several additional goodies like OS-specific as well as custom mobile navigation options, so you can pick whatever you want to offer your users. The importance of this becomes evident if you consider that nearly 70% of all internet traffic nowadays takes place via mobile devices. Listing+ has you covered in terms of the way it renders your site for your visitors on mobile.


    Full-width and Boxed layout

    With Listing+ you can choose whether you want a full-width or a boxed layout, with just a single click from the theme settings. Both look and function great, so it’s all about your goals and preferences.

    Multiple colors, fonts & more

    Listing+ comes in 13 carefully selected, awesome color schemes to choose from: Gray and Blue, Green, Orange, Red, Pink, Purple each of which in two different versions. Just pick the one that fits your brand with a single click through the theme-settings.


    HTML5 and CSS3

    State-of-the-art code base, using HTML5 and CSS3, compliant with best practices and avoiding hacks and workarounds that could break things along the way.

    Google Map integrated with Views-powered goodness

    Listing+ comes with a custom Google Maps and Views integration, which provides directions and more info on any entered Property, with a single click.


    Add to watch list

    All our latest business related themes for the past one and a half year integrated with Drupal Commerce. Further to the fact that it’s great, Drupal Commerce did fit into the use-case scenario in all those cases.

    For a theme around real estate Drupal Commerce doesn’t fit in the use case scenario (who would… add those two houses to cart, then check out?). What did fit though is a watch list. Adding the entries you’re interested in, in a list is a great idea. Which is why we’ve incorporated “Add to watch list” functionality in Listing+.

    More info | Listing+ Screenshots | Live demo

  2. Tutorial: How to link a map marker to Google Map Directions in your Drupal site

    For most kinds of businesses it’s great being able to show where you are located on a map. It’s even greater to be able to share with the visitor directions so they can find your location.

    All our latest themes come integrated with Google Maps. In all of these cases, we have added a custom Google Map block, which you are able to place in any region of your Drupal theme, through Home » Administration » Structure » Blocks.

    A good question that pops up then, is how can one link the marker to Google Map Directions?

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  3. Your most frequently requested customizations, now optionally bundled with our themes

    At More than Themes, every once in a while, we sit down to discuss and evaluate the needs you – our users – seem to have, which we don’t already cover. We then take great pains to enrich our offerings, so as to cover those needs. 

    Some of the most frequent requests we get have to do with how your can customise the themes you get from us, after installing them. Your goal is almost always to make the themes look more as if they were custom-designed for your precise needs, rather than for generic use case scenarios.

    How can I make those generic themes look as if they were designed specifically for my website? How can I enter my logo? How can I re-color the theme according to my corporate identity? How can I adjust the fonts of the theme to match those of my business cards?

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  4. My Gift of Grace, a wonderful game with a great cause, powers their new site with our Startup Growth Drupal theme


    The homepage of My Gift of Grace, powered by our Startup Growth theme for Drupal.

    Theme used: Startup Growth

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  5. Interiors By Design Studio refreshes their Drupal site, using our Genteel theme


    Homepage of the Interiors by Design, built on Drupal.

    Theme used: Genteel

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  6. A beautiful Drupal site showcasing vintage magazines, powered by our Best Brand theme


    Homepage of the VintageGaze Magazines built on Drupal.

    Theme used: Best Brand

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  7. News+: Our thoughts on building a Drupal theme for news portals

    News+ is our latest Drupal theme for news portals. It was carefully planned to combine Bootstrap-based goodness, a beautiful design, with exceptional functionality tailored to the use case scenarios around news sites.


    Drupal is a great choice for building news sites

    That Drupal is a great platform – perhaps the best – to build a news portal upon, is not new. The expandability, the ever-growing module-driven flexibility, and an amazing community that provides a robust, secure foundation are just some reasons to consider Drupal a great match for news portals. Which is why a couple of years back we released Pressblog, our first theme for news portals and mega-blog sites. PressBlog was great for its time and was used extensively by clients around the world. And yet PressBlog became even greater a few months ago, in late 2013, when we released a new, thoroughly revamped version, that was met with great reception and very warm comments.

    So, why would we get to great pains to create yet another Drupal theme for news sites?

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  8. How to update the Font Awesome web font in your Drupal site

    Font Awesome gives you scalable vector icons that can instantly be customized - size, color, drop shadow, and anything that can be done with the power of CSS.

    Our products use the Bootstrap CDN so you can add the Font Awesome web font with a single line of code. You don’t even have to download or install anything. Updating is as easy. 

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  9. Drupal for non-profits; the case of Wilderness Society Stewardship and their use of Drupal and our Chique theme


    The homepage of the Society for Wilderness Stewardship, built on Drupal.

    Theme used: Chique

    A while back, the Society for Wilderness Stewardship hired More than Themes to build a new Drupal website for them, powered by a custom version of our Chique theme. Working with the Society was a great experience in many aspects. One of those, perhaps one of the most important ones, is the extensive, elaborate thought and planning that was put in place, in various aspects of their new site. 

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  10. Drupal Commerce Products and the Inline Entity Form

    Drupal Commerce is used to build eCommerce websites and applications of all sizes based on Drupal. 

    Drupal Commerce products are entities with intrinsic product ID, SKU, and Title properties, as well as default Price fields. They can be further customised using any number of product types and fields.

    You can easily create products with the Store administrative interface, but your products will not be automatically visible to users on the front end. Drupal Commerce separates the definition of a product from its display, allowing you to build custom displays using the tools the project provides such as the product reference field.

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